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About Us

Welcome to Rapha Rehab Physiotherapy Massage Therapy Clinic Etobicoke – Chain of physiotherapy clinics managed by Registered Physiotherapists offering reliable physiotherapy treatment Services, Sports injury physiotherapy, Pelvic floor physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Massage therapy , Acupuncture treatment, Foot Reflexology, Osteopathy, custom knee braces, orthotics, spinal decompression therapy, concussion management, chronic pain management, workplace injury management, Naturopathy and home care physiotherapy Services in Etobicoke. We at physiotherapy etobicoke continually analyze and revise personalized programs in order to better assist our patients to achieve their goals. We are in the physiotherapy service of not only treating the pains, but also to provide you with the very best physiotherapy care that’s personalized for your recovery plan. All our services including physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture are patient centered, treating in calm and healing atmosphere and we are personally available to our patients 24/7 to help them through their treatment program

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    In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are :

    Rapha Rehab Physical Therapy Clinic – Chain of physiotherapy clinics managed by Registered Physiotherapists offering sports injury rehabilitation services, massage therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture.

    • Head injuries
    • Neck injuries
    • Shoulder injuries
    • Elbow injuries
    • Wrist and hand injuries
    • Low back injuries
    • Hip injuries
    • Leg & Knee injuries
    • Ankle & Foot injuries

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