Concussion management

Concussion management & Treatment Clinic Etobicoke

Concussion is a traumatic brain injury that can cause lasting effects on brain tissue occurs when the brain is violently shaken and changes the chemical balance of the brain
Concussion may cause physical, cognitive, and behavioral symptoms and problems and recovery from a concussion can take several weeks to several months depending on many factors, including severity of the injury and the age of the affected person.

The injury can happen during rapid movement changes when the head is directly hit. This shaking or hitting of the head causes unpredictable injury to any area of the brain which can affect your physical,emotional, and mental well-being. It is important to seek medical treatment immediately following any head injury.

How Can a Etobicoke Physical Therapist Help in concussion management ?
Physical therapists can evaluate and treat many problems related to concussion. Our physical therapist will examine your neurological, orthopedic, and cardiovascular systems in order to design a treatment program to address your particular symptoms and your needs.
Treatment may include:
Rest and recovery of the patient- A period of rest helps the brain heal and helps symptoms reduce soon after concussion. Our registered physical therapist will prescribe the rest and recovery program best suited for your condition.

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