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Welcome to Rapha Rehab Physiotherapy Clinic Etobicoke

Welcome to Rapha Rehab Physiotherapy Massage Therapy Clinic Etobicoke – Chain of physiotherapy clinics managed by Registered Physiotherapists offering reliable physiotherapy treatment Services, Sports injury physiotherapy, Pelvic floor physiotherapy, Chiropractor, Massage therapy , Acupuncture treatment, Foot Reflexology, Osteopathy, custom knee braces, orthotics, spinal decompression therapy, concussion management, chronic pain management, workplace injury management, Naturopathy and home care physiotherapy Services in Etobicoke. We at physiotherapy etobicoke continually analyze and revise personalized programs in order to better assist our patients to achieve their goals. We are in the physiotherapy service of not only treating the pains, but also to provide you with the very best physiotherapy care that’s personalized for your recovery plan. All our services including physiotherapy, massage therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture are patient centered, treating in calm and healing atmosphere and we are personally available to our patients 24/7 to help them through their treatment program



Rapha Rehab is one of the premier Physiotherapy clinics in Etiobicoke Scarborough & Mississauga.

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Sports injury

Sports physiotherapy is a speciality dedicated to the assessment and treatment of injuries related to sports.

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Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy

Pelvic floor physiotherapy is a specialized branch of physiotherapy involving internal and external assessment.

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Massage Therapy Etobicoke

Massage therapy is the scientific manipulation of the soft tissues of the body, consisting primarily of manual.

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Chiropractic is a healthcare profession that cares for a patient's neuromusculoskeletal system like bones.

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Chiropody is a health profession who helps to make sure your feet are healthy and pain-free to allow you.

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Acupuncture is a form of treatment that involves inserting very thin needles through a person's skin.

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Osteopathy is a type of alternative medicine that emphasizes physical on overall body health and wellbeing.

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Foot reflexology

Foot reflexology is a treatment involves applying pressure to different points on the bottom of the foot.

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Custom Knee braces

Custom knee braces are custom-fitted to your knee to help provide the right fit and protection for your knee.

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Laser therapy & Electrical modalities

Therapeutic modalities are commonly used by registered physiotherapists.

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Naturopathic medicine is a system that uses natural remedies to help the body heal itself and the treatment plan uses therapies that are gentle.

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Head Injuries

Our trained physiotherapist, chiropractors and massage therapist in etobicoke will assess each condition and establish treatment …
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Neck Injuries

Head injuries are referred to as mild traumatic brain injuries or concussions.Physiotherapy etobicoke for neck pain can help relieve pain…
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Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder pain may arise from the shoulder joint itself or from any of the many surrounding muscles, ligaments or tendons. Physiotherapy etobicoke…
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Elbow Injuries

Elbow injury is very common and will affect most people and Physiotherapy etobicoke has an important role to play in the management of pain …
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Wrist & Hand Injuries

Wrist injuries often occur when you fall on your outstretched hand. Etobicoke physiotherapy treatment by a Physiotherapist….
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Low Back Injuries

Injury to the low back can damage the tendons and muscles in the lower back and etobicoke physiotherapy can diagnose and treat low back pain…
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Hip Injuries

Hip pain is a common cause of discomfort in athletes and etobicoke physiotherapy are well equipped to treat hip pain and improve mobility…
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Leg & Knee Injuries

Physiotherapists in etobicoke provide rehab and retraining for patients after severe leg injuries to reduce pain, regaining normal motion…
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Ankle & Foot Injuries

Accredited physiotherapists at etobicoke physiotherapy offer expert advice to decrease pain and improve the mobility of the foot and ankle…
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    In Addition to our commitment towards excellence our advantages are :

    RaphaRehab Physiotherapy & Massage Therapy Clinic Etobicoke – As a leading physiotherapy clinic in Etobicoke, we have earned a reputation of providing superior physical Therapy care by highly trained and experienced physiotherapist, manual therapists, massage therapists, chiropractors, acupuncturists and qualified rehabilitation specialists.
    Rapha physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Center located in scarborough and etobicoke is a regulated health professional clinic operated by Regulated team rendering service to GTA community with adequate patient care. Our physiotherapy clinic has a special interest in massage therapy, chiropractor, acupuncture, osteopathy, naturopathy, yoga, orthotics, foot reflexology and colon therapy services in etobicoke. We upgrade our standards by undergoing continued education and training to enhance the professional skills. We offer physiotherapy services in etobicoke for the following injuries

    • Head injuries
    • Neck injuries
    • Shoulder injuries
    • Elbow injuries
    • Wrist and hand injuries
    • Low back injuries
    • Hip injuries
    • Leg & Knee injuries
    • Ankle & Foot injuries

    Get Your Life Style Back

    Our outstanding physiotherapy team in Etobicoke is here to help you reach your healthcare goals

    why choose Etobicoke physiotherapy

    We are a team of health care professionals provide physiotherapy, massage therapy services in etobicoke assist you in improving your health.

    All our physiotherapy services in etobicoke are patient centered, treating in calm and healing atmosphere

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    Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Treatments from Lino have really helped alleviate my shoulder pain and fast track my recovery. Highly recommend this physiotherapy clinic in etobicoke. Quality physiotherapy clinic in etobicoke

    Physiotherapy etobicoke



    I went to the massage and physiotherapy services in etobicoke and it was a wonderful experience for me and my son. I would like to come again and I would recommend to everyone to visit this place especially Dhaya (PT) and Babu(RMT) did great job. Thank you physiotherapy etobicoke

    Physiotherapy etobicoke



    Rapha Physiotherapy Clinic etobicoke has a full range of physiotherapy and massage therapy services and they offered home service as well. Thank you Babu & physiotherapy etobicoke

    Physiotherapy etobicoke



    I had couple of chiropractor sessions in etobicoke physiotherapy with Dr martin due to spondylitis with severe back pain. Got speedy recovery with expert team. Thanks Physiotherapy etobicoke guys

    Physiotherapy etobicoke



    I Went for Post Pregancy massage with babu & daisy. They helped me a lot from my back and leg pain problems. I am feeling great. Thanks for getting me back to work physiotherapy etobicoke team

    Physiotherapy etobicoke



    I was suffering from severe dizziness, headache and neck stiffness due to accident. I started treatment with Physio dhanya and massage therapist babu. They both are excellent and knowledgeable. Thanks etobicoke physiotherapy team

    Physiotherapy etobicoke



    My first time to do reflexology massage and the therapist did the great job. I recommend this foot reflexology clinic in etobicoke you guys to come here, And staff are very nice and helpful. Thanks rapharehab physiotherapy etobicoke



    I had sever back pain Tried massage therapy at Rapha Rehab massage therapy clinic etobicoke felt very good relief. Babu well knowledgeable massage therapist ,thank you so much rapharehab physiotherapy etobicoke. See you again.



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