Covid 19 Updates

The COVID 19 pandemic has created increased stress and anxiety levels for many people. We would like to take this opportunity to remind you that virtual therapy and at-home or mobile therapy are effective alternatives to in-clinic therapy for many of our clients.

Virtual Therapy:

As an alternative to receiving direct in-clinic therapy, we continue to offer all clients the option to receive tele-rehabilitation or virtual therapy services to address your current therapy needs.

Home Therapy:

The convenience of having a physiotherapist come to your home eliminates barriers faced by those who can’t drive. This improved access to therapy makes it easier for clients to be an active participant in their recovery.

Being able to interact with clients in their home setting enables a therapist to see how the client moves and completes tasks in their everyday life

What our clients Say

Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Treatments from Lino have really helped alleviate my shoulder pain and fast track my recovery. Highly recommend this clinic. Quality physiotherapy clinic in etobicoke


I went to the massage and physiotherapy services in etobicoke and it was a wonderful experience for me and my son. I would like to come again and I would recommend to everyone to visit this place especially Dhaya (PT) and Babu(RMT) did great job. Thank you


Rapha Physiotherapy Clinic has a full range of physio and massage therapy services and they offered home service as well. Thank you Babu


I Had couple of chiropractor sessions in etobicoke with dr martin due to spondylitis with severe back pain. Got speedy recovery with expert team. Thanks guys


I Went for Post Pregancy massages with babu & daisy. They helped me a lot from my back and leg pain problems. I am feeling great. Thanks for getting me back to work


I was suffering from severe dizziness, headache and neck stiffness due to accident. I started treatment with Physio dhanya and massage therapist babu. They both are excellent and knowledgeable


My first time to do reflexology massage and the therapist did the great job i recommend this foot reflexology clinic in etobicoke you guys to come here, And staff are very nice and helpful


I had sever back pain Tried massage therapy at Rapha Rehab massage therapy clinic etobicoke felt very good relief. Babu well knowledgeable massage therapist ,thank you so much see you again.


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