Pre and post operative Management

Pre and post operative Physiotherapy Management

Pre-Operative Physiotherapy Treatment

Pre and post operative Physiotherapy Management – Prior to your scheduled surgery you will be assessed by our registered physiotherapist for a preoperative examination and preoperative treatment plan.
The examination includes the location and severity of your pain, your functional abilities, your strength, the available range of motion of each knee, and your breathing pattern.

Pre operative Physical therapy  helps reduce pain, inflammation, improves joint mobility and range of motion to prepare you for a successful surgery outcome. Pre operative physiotherapy leads to faster recovery with better outcomes.

Our Pre-operative rehabilitation program is an individualized exercise program that trains the muscles in advance for the exercises they will need to do after surgery. Pre operative rehabilitation helps patients to relieve pain, reduce inflammation, increase stamina, enhance overall fitness, restore range of motion and regain strength and flexibility in the joints and muscles around the injured area.

Post-Operative Physiotherapy Treatment Etobicoke

Etobicoke Physiotherapy treatments from our licensed physical therapist are often provided after the surgery in order to decrease stiffness and pain. Post-operative physical therapy safely eases patients back into daily activity and regular exercise.

Post operative physiotherapy rehabilitation is crucial to regaining pain-free function and returning to daily activities safely. Our etobicoke physical therapists perform a complete evaluation after surgery and develop a customized rehabilitation treatment plan to minimize effects from surgery and restore normal movement, flexibility, and function.

Post operative physiotherapy rehabilitation treatment helps patients to manage pain, regain motion and strength, reduce stiffness, and swelling. Physiotherapy following surgery will lead to a faster recovery so that the joint can heal properly and minimize scar tissue development.

Common Conditions treated in Pre and Post operative Rehabilitation Programs in Etobicoke includes

• Hip Replacement
• Knee Replacement
• Cardiac Surgery
• Abdominal Surgery
• Colorectal Surgery
• Post-Surgical Conditions
• Shoulder Reconstruction
• Rotator Cuff repair
• fracture
• Tennis elbow release
• Tendon repairs
• Hip replacement
• Hip arthroscopy
• Knee replacement
• Ligament reconstruction
• Meniscal repairs
• Ankle reconstruction
• achilles tendon repairs
• Spine discectomy

Benefits of Pre operative Physiotherapy Rehabilitation:

• Faster Recovery will make post-surgical rehabilitation easier and more effective.
• Pre-operative rehabilitation can increase strength and immunity prior to surgery and can avoid complications such as infection after a surgical procedure
• Physical activity that improves strength, endurance, and flexibility can improve overall confidence that the procedure will be successful
Benefits of Post operative Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation
• Basic exercises and simple movements can promote increased blood circulation
• Post operative physiotherapy treatment can help reduce the amount of pain and swelling you experience after your surgery.
• A physical therapy program will be designed to target the specific areas in your body that need strengthening after surgery

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Friendly and knowledgeable staff. Treatments from Lino have really helped alleviate my shoulder pain and fast track my recovery. Highly recommend this physiotherapy clinic in etobicoke. Quality physiotherapy clinic in etobicoke

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I had couple of chiropractor sessions in etobicoke physiotherapy with Dr martin due to spondylitis with severe back pain. Got speedy recovery with expert team. Thanks Physiotherapy etobicoke guys

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